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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Justice Ministry closes case of East Jerusalem man shot at point-blank range by police after running over soldiers
An article from "Haaretz". Moira Jilani, Ziad's widow, is a PCFF member.


Nobel Women's Initiative Spotlighting Robi Damelin


Friends between enemies
Emel - the muslim lifestyle magazine - Issue 75 December 2010


Faith Tends to Humanize Faith
Rabbi Marc Rudolph explores the roots of religious tolerance.


Avui+El Punt - Notícia: “Sense reconciliació, la violència no cessarà”
Mazem Faraj and Nir Oren in Barcelona (Spanish)


Abrazando al enemigo - Internacional - El Periódico
Mazen Faraj and Nir Oren in Barcelona (Spanish)


Foro para el debate sobre la paz en Oriente Próximo
An inrerview with Mr. Aaron Barnea (Spanish)


A time to laugh
The guests who came to this year's memorial for Yael Kfir, victim of a 2003 suicide bombing, got a shock when instead of solemn speeches and sad songs, they were treated to a comedy about death and mourning. It was a while before anyone dared to laugh. By Neri Livneh.


Palestinian, Israeli Families: Bring us Peace
WAFA - Palestinian News Agency


Court: State responsible for Palestinian girl's death
Jerusalem judge rules death of 10-year-old Abir Aramin from rubber bullet in 2007 due to State's negligence. 'Shooting did not target rioters or stone-throwers,' she determines. Court to rule on damages to family in October


The price of reconciliation
Since when does the loss of a child to the conflict make anyone an expert on military maneuvers, or signify expertise on terrorism and its causes? By Robi Damelin


La commissione pace incontra un israeliano e un palestinese rappresentanti del Parents' Circle


High school parents clash with Jewish-Arab dialogue group
Haaretz, By Or Kashti


Cartooning in Conflict exhibition
By Richard Millett.


Coverage of Cartoons in Conflict


Yuval Rot, member of the PCFF, on Channel 10, as part of the project “Israelis 10”


Robi & Ali - Search for Common Ground Awards 2008


United by their grief
By Rachel Shabi - THE NATIONAL


Middle-East Piece: Editorial cartoonists draw attention to Israeli-Palestinian conflict with exhibit


Cartoonists draw upon shared pain
Miriam Rinn - New Jersey Jewish Standard


Pain on both sides
Efrat Ben Yitzhak, 31.1.2010, Modiin


Holon: High school Students meet with bereaved Israeli and Palestinian Families
The students listened to families from Israel and the Palestinian territories talk about bereavement and loss. One student's reaction: "All this time I've been saying 'Death to the Arabs', now I think I won't say it ever again."


Blood ties: how grief could unite the Middle East
Palestinian Ali Abu Awwad and Israeli Robi Damelin have been brought together by the deaths of their family members Anne Sebba - TIMES ONLINE


Tackling the empathy deficit
Roman Krznaric


Interview with Israeli Rami Elhanan and Palestinian Bassam Aramin
Personal stories behind the news from all over the world. With Matthew Bannister. BBC WORLD


I foragave him
By Kobi Ben-Simhon - HAARETZ


Drawn into conflict
Sep 18, 2009


Cartoons in Conflict: Exhibit in Holon
By Ayelet Dekel - midnighteast


Forgiveness of dead IDF soldier's mother leaves Palestinian killer cold
By Kobi Ben-Simhon, Haaretz


Leonard Cohen wows sell-out crowd, and promotes peace too
By Neri Livneh, Haaretz Correspondent and Agencies


Watch Rami and Mazen - Newsweekly


Try listening to the person in pain
Israelis and Palestinians are finding reconciliation using testimonies, says Miriam Arkush


She's Israeli, he's an Arab. War has made them like mother and son
An unlikely pair of peace campaigners brought their message to Britain last week. Sarfraz Manzoor discovers how the deaths of loved ones brought them together


Thought for the Day, 7 May 2009
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, BBC


A Palestinian remembers the Holocaust
By Aziz Abu Sarah


The Parents Circle-Family Forum
Washington Post. Kathy Kretman is on a panel of leadership "experts" who are given a question each week from the Post's Steve Pearlstein and Ben Bradlee. Last week's question was "Who was the best leader in 2008?" and she took this opportunity to celebrate group leadership, which is clearly demonstrated by the Parents Circle


Speakers push for peace in Israel
The Michigan Daily; Event marks first collaboration between pro-Israel, Palestinian student groups.


Israeli, Palestinian bereaved families meet
Anat Shalev - Ynet News


Crossing the divide: Cooking with the enemy
By Donald Macintyre - The Independent


"As It Happens"
Listen to Robi and Ali in CBS radio in Canada


Honoring the winners of the Goldberg Prize for Peace
AL-QUDS, JUNE 25, 2008 Pg: 10


An American Prize worth $10,000 to Aziz Abu Sarah and Lili Yaffe of the Bereaved Family Forum
AL-HAYAT AL-JADIDA, JUNE 25, 2008 Pg: 11


Bonding Through Pain


Watch Ali Abu Awwad and Robi Damelin speaking at the Pangea Day


Rami Elchanan and Mazen Faraj along the East Cost


"As It Happens"
Listen to Robi and Ali in CBS radio in Canada


Speaking of Faith
An hour-long radio program with Ali and Robi will be broadcasted across the US.


Archbishop's Christmas Eve Thought for the Day BBC Radio 4
Monday 24th December 2007


World Vision Report


The heat is on
By Ruta Kupfer - Haaretz


Seeking understanding through art
by Virginia VanZanten and Lauren Williamson Nov 06, 2007


Chicago Tribune 10-28-07


In display of bowls, artists examine Middle East conflict. Saturday, October 6, 2007 (Paris)


Robi Damelin on YouTube


"Offering Reconciliation" in the Media.


A weekend of grief, discussion and optimism


Line of hope links Palestinians and Israelis By Jeremy Grange Producer, Calls Across the Wall
BBC Radio 4