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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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The Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem invited the PCFF to a meeting with H.H. Pope Benedict XVI
Notre Dame Center, Jerusalem, Monday, May 11, 2009.


Parents Circle - Families Forum at the Basque country


"History through the Human Eye" Take a look into our new project's preparation


The Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) honors PCFF members Roni Hirshenson and Nasra Shehab


We marched with them on day 9 (5/7/2010) and we marched with them on day 12 (8/7/2010).
PCFF members marching for Gilad Shalit.


Meeting with the enemy?
A Journey with the Chernobroda family to visit the Tubasi family in Jenin. By Nir Oren


Between Us
For the past two years now, it has been on my mind to go to see the Tobassi family in Jenin. I, Yaël Armanet - Chernobroda, widow of Dov Chernobroda, who was murdered in the terrorist attack on the Matza restaurant on March 31, 2002 by Shadi Tobassi, one of the family's sons, then aged 24.


"The Ladies of the Forum" Dialogue Encounter at the Bedouin village Hura.




La commissione pace incontra un israeliano e un palestinese rappresentanti del Parents' Circle


The PCFF in Monterotondo and Rome


In short...
Meeting with the president of Brazil, encounter with leaders of the Shas party.


Another Gathering for the "Ladies of the Forum"
Friday, 19.3.2010


Suhair Alami and Elay Oren, members of the PCFF, at a One Young World Leadership Conference
London, February 8-10, 2010


The PCFF at the Anna Lindh Forum 2010 in Barcelona


A glimpse of the Irish conflict
A joint journey from Dublin to Belfast, 20-28 January 2010


PCFF Activities Report 2009


"Neighbors- Bereaved Women creating reconciliation "
2009 was the year that the women's group opened up their wonderful relationship and work to the general public with "Neighbors- Bereaved Women creating reconciliation ", a two- day event held at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque in December.


For the fourth year in a row the PCFF celebrated World Peace Day.


Greetings from Japan
PCFF youth delegation to Japan - 2009


The Arab House and the Sefarad-Israel House have jointly forwarded the candidacy of the Israeli-Palestinian NGO Parents Circle-Families Forum for the Prince of Asturias Concord Award.


July 28, 2009. Press Release.


Dialogue 4 the Future - 2009
Summer Camp; Rechnitz/Austria, with participants from Israel, Hungary, Palestine and Austria. 13-24/7/2009


Womens Meeting
June 2009


Dvir Gallery honored us and chose our slogan "It Won't Stop Until We Talk" for the Gallery's new Group Exhibition
Opening: Thursday, June 18th, 20:00, Tel-Aviv.


Cartooning in Conflict
Cartoon Exhibition and Calendar


Messengers of Reconciliation
Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges Project, initiated by The Anna Lindh Foundation


Dearest Leonard
Robi Damelin thanks Leonard Cohen on behalf of the Parents Circle


Messengers of Reconciliation
Sapir College Students and West Bank students Attend Joint Seminar, June 4th-6th, 2009


Reconciliation workshop at Beit Jala
Experts from the International Center For Religion and Diplomacy - Straus Institute came specifically to Beit Jala to teach a three-day workshop to PCFF members about reconciliation. The workshop ran May 14-16, 2009.


FBFF fund-raising dinner
5th May 2009




Over 80 postcards arrived to the PCFF from England Wells, Scotland and Canada.


The PCFF received The Three Cultures award for Peace and Dialogue




More pictures from our annual conference - 2009


The Ladies of the Forum - A meeting after the war


The documentary 'Behind The Intentions' will be screened at the 12th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival , Ankara, Turkey


The documentary 'Behind The Intentions' was selected by the London International Documentary Festival 09.


We, the Palestinian and Israeli Members of the PCFF, Bereaved Families Supporting Reconciliation and Peace Make This Urgent Appeal;


Bereaved Families Forum Receives Martha Prize
Theres a limit to desperation; theres no limit to hope; Theres a limit to hatred; theres no limit to love; Theres a limit to reality; theres no limit to dreams; Theres a limit to wars; theres no limit to peace.


All for Peace Radio


Hello Peace


Open Letter to the Palestinian Members of the Parents Circle - Families Forum
This letter was sent to the Palestinian Forum members (08/01/2009) and can be found on the Forum website in Hebrew and Arabic.


The Personal Narrative as a Mediation tool, Reaching for Deeper Understanding
A seminar to the PCFF, facilitated by Prof. Jack Himmelstein and Prof. Carrie Menkel-Meadow 19.12.08


PCFF members visit Hebron
The Hebron Rehabilitation Committee invited PCFF members to see what happens in the old city of Hebron and to see their work on the ground.


Spain and then Austria


Search for Common Ground
The PCFF was among a list of prestigious honorees who received the 2008 Search for Common Ground Awards.


Conflict Resolution Workshop, Georgetown, Washington DC, U.S.A. 2008


Mr. Taro Aso, Japan's P.M. mentions PCFF youth delegation to Japan in his address at the U.N.
A letter to Ms. Kayo Kasai from the Japanese Embassy in Tel-Aviv.


Peace Sign - 2008
The PCFF marked the International Peace Day 2008, with visits to Ni'lin and Kfar Aza and with awarding the Peace Sign.


Peace Day 2008 Ni'lin
The PCFF marked the International Peace Day 2008, with visits to Ni'lin and Kfar Aza and with awarding the Peace Sign.


Peace Day 2008 Kfar Aza
Saturday, the Jerusalem- Tel Aviv road was full with police cars. After one of our Palestinian members was held for a short while at checkpoint 300, all the members were approved and the car with our Palestinian members was let into Israel on its way to Kibbutz Kfar Aza.


People to People International's most prestigious award, the Eisenhower Medallion
Aziz & Rami has accepted (on behalf of the PCFF) the People to People International's most prestigious award, the Eisenhower Medallion, during our 18th Worldwide Conference in Cairo, Egypt September 3-8.


Meeting with Mr. Miguel Moratinos The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs


Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad in South Africa
The trip to South Africa opened a 40 year old scab of painful memories of a childhood of not taking into account all sides of the equation.


One week, Millions of actions and unforgettable experiences!
Nitzan Kraus (15 years old) came back from a PCFF youth delegation to Japan and writes about everything that happened


PCFF'S Peace Sign Nominees Submission


The Bereaved Families Forum has been selected to receive the Martha Prize for Tolerance and Democratic Values in Jerusalem


2008 Common Ground Award
The Bereaved Families Forum has been selected to receive the 2008 Common Ground Award for sustained commitment to a reconciliation process between Israelis and Palestinians.


Lectures and activities of the PCFF in Palestine
September 2007- June 2008


Robi Damelin and Mazen Faraj in the U.K


Engaging caricaturists in the struggle for peace


A Special Mention for Good Intentions in the Jerusalem Film Festival


2008 High School Dialog Meeting Report


Behind the intentions
A festive screening at Tel-Aviv's cinematheque, 22.8.2008


Angel "Ha-anashim"
PCFF members in a new video clip




The ladies of the Forum meet Sheikha Khadija


Academia Promotes a Culture of Peace
Merav Moshe Grodofsky, Ph.D.


PCFF israeli G.M. in a pilot project engaging Palestinian, Israeli and international mental health professionals. May 2008.


"Reconciliation ", he said.
Rami Elchanan and Mazen Faraj along the East Cost. April 2008.




"Returning to Haifa"


Four Elements Workshop: Session on Fire


In memory of Angelo Frammartino


"Good Intentions" First two episodes


PCFF Members meets the former president of the U. S.A. Mr. Jimmy Carter


Ladies of the Forum - Art Workshop, February 2008
Nira Lavi and Neta Shemesh's workshop


Rami and Khaled meets youth from Tubas


"Good Intentions" - A day on the set


Ladies of the Forum - The 4 basics of life: Water, Earth, Air and Fire


Ladies of the Forum - Movement Workshop
This year, instead of three large meetings, the Forum's women's group was divided into smaller groups that meet three times a year for some workshops. Anat Marnin Shacham wrote about the first workshop she and Merav bar Niv held on December 2007.


"Good Intentions"
Television Drama Series.


Robi and Ali in Madrid
February 2008


The Bereaved Families Forum and the "Photovoice" organization have pleasure in inviting you to the opening of a photographic exhibition "SIDE BY SIDE
The opening of the exhibition will take place on the 03.12.07 at 18.30 Mishkenot Ruth Daniel Guesthouse 47 Jerusalem Blvd. Cnr. Ben Zvi Rd. Jaffa


The Parents Circle-Families Forum received by Mr. Shimon Peres, President of the State of Israel


Solidar's Silver Rose Award to the Parents Circle Families Forum: A hope for peace, justice and reconciliation for Palestinians and Israelis
PRESS RELEASE By LUISA MORGANTINI Vice President of the European Parliament. October 2007


Dr. Omar Al-alool and Aaron Barnea at Sarajevo in Emmaus International Conference, Octobre 2007


Robi Damelin and Ali Abu Awwad participated in Yom Kippur service at Congregation Kol Ami in White Plains, NY.


International Peace Day Event 09/2007
Aharon Hirsch,Forum member, sharing with us his thoughts of the event


Faysel: "You broke the Commander General's order"
Jona and Sarit Bargur met Jalal and Iman Khudairy as part of the Project: "Knowing is the Beginning".


Id Abu Ayash and Mashka Litvak in Kibbutz Negba
A meeting as part of the Project: "Knowing is the Beginning"


Merav and Fadia in Givat Hayim
A meeting as part of the project: "Knowing is the Beginning"


Knowing is the Beginning- fourth meeting


The PCFF members participated in a panel following the controversial play; "Hebron"
July 2006


Nira, Aisha, Nazia and Khaled, in Karkur and Dalyat a-Carmel
A meeting as part of the project: "Knowing is the Beginning"


Dialogue4theFuture - Daily blog summary - July 2007
Summer Camp; Rechnitz/Austria, with participants from Israel, Hungary, Palestinia and Austria


Photos bridge Arab-Israeli divide


Bereaved Families visit students at Beit Berl Seminar
An article from the Panet website and the Panorama newspaper.


Mashka and Id in Beit Omar


An answer from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to the PCFF


"Nobel Women's Initiative" conferance
By Robi Damelin


The ladies of the Forum's calendar


Israelis and Palestinians saying "yes" to Peace
The PCFF in a Peace Movements event in Tel Aviv


Forum representative meet king Abdullah


Knowing is the beginning- third meeting.


Side by Side
By Shadi Abu Awwad


Knowing is the Beginning - second meeting
April 2007


A seminar in communication


A letter from the PCFF to Prime Minister Olmert, concerning the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gil'ad Shalit.
April 2007


"Side by Side"- our second meeting
By Noam Oren. 03/2007


A meeting with Karel De Gucht - Belgian Foreign Minister
March 2007.


Women Gathering 23.3.2007


"Knowing is the beginning"


The PCFF against a bill, which prevents amnesty for security prisoners.


On the weekend of the 4-7.1.2007, fourteen youth, Israelis and Palestinians, had their first Seminar in the PC/FF collaboration with "Photo Voice", new youth project.


Are You Mabsuta (pleased)? Naam!
Womens Forum Meeting at A-Ram, December 1st 2006


A Palestinian-Israeli demonstration against the new El-Arub by-pass.


The PCFF invited to Barcelona


Parents Circle Air Hostess


Speaking of Faith
An hour-long radio program with Ali and Robi will be broadcasted across the US.


The Human Forum : Faces of Courage
December 7th to 9th, 2006, our members at the Alliance for New Humanity in Puerto Rico


A Weekend for Peace - Conference 2006
Approximately 150 members and 30 children participated in The Families Forum annual conference, which took place at the Blue-Bay Hotel in Netania during 16th-18th November 2006.


The PCFF protested following Beit Hanoun atack aftermath


A letter to Noam Shalit
The following is a letter to Noam Shalit, the father of the kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit.


A ten day tour to Italy and Switzerland- March 2006
Wajee Tmeeze and Aaron Barnea just returned from a ten days tour to Italy and Switzerland, invited by Confronti.


Women's Gathering
On Friday we had a gathering, just us, the women of the Forum Circle.


A Chinese lanterns Presentation for International Peace Day
Israeli and Palestinian Forum members and friends met, on the 20 of September, an evening before International Peace Day, to build together with the artist Adi Yakutieli a flashlights presentation.


Welcome to 911 Power to the Peaceful Festival
Robi Damelin about her latest visit to the U.S.A.


Women Forum members Conference
Azariah, August 2006


peaceful weekend in the middle of war
Galit Oren tells about the BFF Israeli and Palestinian instructors Seminar, which was held at the beginning of August 2006.


Women's Gathering
On Friday we had a gathering, just us, the women of the Forum Circle.


The Forum's Youth visits Italy
Twenty four Israeli and Palestinian kids, from the Forum's kids and youth group, went to Italy for ten days.


Forum's Kids at the "Offering Reconciliation" Exhibition
On the 11th of May (2006) around fifty of the Forum's children and youth came to meet each other and see the "Offering Reconciliation" Exhibition


"Offering Reconciliation"
In a big and festive opening held on the 6th of May at the Museum of Israeli art in Ramat Gan, we celebrated the opening of the exhibition "Offering Reconciliation".


An alternative ceremony
On one stage in Tel-Aviv on the Israeli memorial day the Izkor movement decided to have a different kind of a ceremony with bereaved Israelis and Palestinians.


Meetings (March-April 2004)
Meeting each other - Palestinians and Israelis - isn't easy. If it's to take place in Israel it must be with permits which are not easy to get. If it's in the Palestinian Authority it should be in a place where such meetings are allowed and which isn't dangerous.


Forum members visiting Hebron.


For the first time the Families Forum was invited to lecture in a conflict area. Ali Abu Awaad and Sharon Misheiker were invited to meet a group of young Albanians and Serbs that have just started their first steps on the long road of reconciliation and dialog.


Opening Hearts /Robi Damlin (September 2005)
London was a ground breaking adventure for Nadwa and I , and an opportunity to spread the message of the Forum to a whole new audience. We were greeted with such warmth by our newly formed "Friends Of" board chaired by the remarkable Judith with Hani, Ahlam and Fathie doing everything possible to make this journey a success, and of course Roni keeping us all solvent.


Seminar 2005


Paying Our Respects To The Families In Shfaram
On Friday the fifth of August 2006, three families unfortunately joined our still-growing circle of bereaved families who lost their dear ones in the conflict. Four were killed, two of them are sisters from the same family. A group of our members went to Shfram village to pay their respects and condolences.


Summer Camp 2005
The Families forum summer camp for 2005 was held for five days in Sha'ar Hagolan, near the sea of Galilee.


An Italian Experience
Nine Israelis and thirteen Palestinians, all kids from the Families Forum, flew to Italy with Mashka, Fatma, Ali and Dan, our members. Together with nine Italian kids, our dear friend Viki, her son, and the Italian guides, they all stayed in a lovely resort up in the Italian Alps.


From Pain To Hope Watch
The parents circle- families forum held a media seminar for it's members during the steamy days of August. The days were just before the disengagement and all we could hear around us were voices of pain, anger and violence. Although we find the voices of pain and anger legitimate, a need has emerged from our members to let people hear our own voice, a voice that is calling for reconciliation.


On the second week of August In a nice resort in Rosh Hanikra, our youth Internet project reached it's peak when 16 Palestinians and 12 Israelies, all between 15-17 years old, met. For four days they had fun, talking and especially getting to know each other.


Ayelet and Shirin visiting Japan (06.2005)
The families forum representatives were invited to participate in the memorial ceremony marking 60 years of the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan. One Israeli, one Palestinian and a few hundred Cranes.


Sulha (Summer 2005)
For the second year, the families forum participated in the Sulha festival (the word Sulha means to make peace between enemies), in Shuni's Park.


Weekend Youth Seminar - First of its Kind
" Between Hope and Pain", a seminar for 41 seventeen year-old high-school students 20 Israelis from Ashdod and 21 Palestinians from Beit Zafafa - took place in pastoral Shavei Zion on the weekend of May 5-7th (2005).


A Weekend for Peace- Seminar 2004
Approximately 130 members participated in The Families Forum bi-annual seminar, which took place in the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem during 9th-11th December 2004.


A Visit to Beth Omar


Patti Smith and Friends Play For A 'Peaceable Kingdom' on April 13 2004 at The Cathedral of St. John The Divine
Close than 1,000 people attended the Parents Circle's concert held at St. John The Divine Cathedral in New York City on April 13th. Robi Damelin adds her thoughts on the successful event


Muslim holiday of Id-el-Fiter- Israelis and Palestinians


With Cindy and Craig Corrie, Rachels Parents


Visiting Bereaved Families at Dir El Hattab
During the first week of June 2004 a joint Israeli-Palestinian delegation of our members traveled to the Palestinian village of Dir El-Hattab to meet with bereaved families.


Olive Planting, Peace Building
Following the uprooting of hundreds of olive trees by Israeli settlers in the Palestinian village of Issawiya, Ibrahim Khalil, a member of the Families Forums and a resident of the village, has recruited his Israeli friends in the forum to help his fellow villagers


"Better Have Pains of Peace than Agonies of War"