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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Robi and Ali in Madrid

February 2008

 We had heard rumours of the Tappas Bars, We had heard rumours of no sleep and even the shoes  , but nobody prepared us for the wonderful warm and insightful people  we met during the action -packed days spent in Madrid.   Encounter Point was the door to all of these extraordinary experiences and an introduction to new and special friends , who, though they do not have an immediate stake in the fate of the Palestinians and Israelis , have a deep compassion and caring for our future.
There are so many people to thank , first and foremost to our wonderful host "infomedia" who through Carolina had the insight to arrange a screening of Encounter Point and to be our guide to people who can and want to make a difference. Actually , Ali and I can take up residence in Spain if we follow through with all the exciting invitations we received from people to visit and speak in their communities.
This brief visit reiterated for us the importance of people understanding that taking sides does not contribute to the solution of the conflict , in many cases it exacerbates the problem.  It is so easy to be pro. one side or the other , but in fact all it does is create a further conflict amongst those who are pro Israel or pro Palestine in their own countries.It is to be hoped that in a small way we contributed to the opening of hearts and minds.
The 500 families in our group work to solve the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis through dialogue and mutual understanding.  To achieve this goal we attempt  to imbue both sides with a sense of tolerance and reconciliation rather than hatred and revenge.  We who have paid the highest price can serve as an example to the world, that reconciliation is possible.
Thank you again for your love and support
Robi and Ali.


Hello My Dear,

I want to say thank you for your wonderful visit to Madrid.

You and Ali have changed our life, vision and bring us hope, trust and energy for the future.

In my life experience I never felt so many things in a short time as with you.

With you, Robi, I can go anywhere, because you have the vision, the generosity, the intelligence and the sense of humour, and the jew-israeli (or universal) way to get the money (How much will you think, Paquita?).

Beyond all the meetings, lunchs, dinners, I discovered two human beings (As Ali said) that I love.

In and after your trip, Natalia become very involved and wrote me that she will be honour to be the president of the Parents Circle Family Forum Friendship in Spain. David also was so impressed with your visit, he became a fan of you and Ali, and your reconciliation message.

Thank you for the article that you write for us.

Warm Regards my Dear,

Federico - Director of Infomedio



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