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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Ladies of the Forum - The 4 basics of life: Water, Earth, Air and Fire

 This year, instead of 3 large meetings we divided into smaller groups that meet three- to four times a year. The three workshops are:  Art Workshop, Non verbal Communication (Movement) and Daniela and Noit's Four Elements workshop.  On Friday the 14 March 2008, we had our second meeting. This time we discussed water.  Some of the ladies who were at the last meeting couldn't come, one of them, Iman, just gave birth to a lovely baby girl.

Our tough reality cast a shadow over the meeting. Some concerns came up before the meeting and pain and sorrow were expressed in it. Two Palestinian ladies talked about their daily hardships and their desire to bring a change. An Israeli lady from the south told about her life under the threat of the missiles. Sorrow was expressed on both sides for the dead.

On the tables there were bowls of water. Water is the element of emotions and these did come out; pain, sorrow, and hope. We could see how similar we are even if our life experiences are different.

We all got a piece of paper and painted our names on it using colors which reflected our feelings. Each paper was passed on twice and each one got the chance to comment on two drawings. Some of us said that they feel happy and free near water and some said that they are afraid of it and use it just because they have to. Some feel serene in water and some need  solid ground under their feet.

We all felt that those intimate women's gatherings give us an opportunity to talk about things we usually don't speak about. Women that are usually quiet in a larger group, talked and shared their inner thoughts, feelings and hardships. Some said how happy and comfortable they feel inside the group.

Next month we'll meet again. Hopefully our nation's future and our personal lives will look brighter.

Sharon Kalimi Misheiker
Photography: Mashka Litvak



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