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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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"Good Intentions" - A day on the set


 The last five episodes of the T.V. drama series "Good Intentions" are being photographed these days. Ayelet Bargur, the Director of the series 'Making Of' (a behind-the-scenes documentary film), invited twelve PCFF members to the set; six Israelis and six Palestinians. It was two days before The Purim holiday and a curfew was imposed on the Occupied Territories. We weren't sure that our Palestinian members would be able to pass through the checkpoint and were happy when they did. The PCFF members were interviewed and were photographed watching one of the scenes. A discussion started on the question if staying as a soldier at a checkpoint can change one's character or not. 

Mazen, Rami and the actor Shredy Jabarin 

During Wednesday the checkpoint scenes were photographed.  Zofim checkpoint in the Occupied Territories was chosen for the set. It was a hot day and the scenes were delayed because of cars and trucks which went by. In order to get on with the filming it was necessary to stop the traffic for few minutes. The settlers from the nearby settlement Zofim who aren't used to being held up at the checkpoint called their security officer, Araleh, an Israeli civilian who came and took over the checkpoint ignoring the soldiers that were there. Araleh, although he had no authority, decided not to let the crew continue with the filming while ignoring the production permits. Eventually some scenes changed location.

One of our members, Nir Yesod, talked to the checkpoint soldiers and explained what the series is all about and who we are. One of the soldiers, a newcomer from Russia, told Nir that he, as a Christian, doesn't understand how come we, the Jews, encourage the Palestinians. Nir tried to explain the idea behind the Reconciliation process but it seemed that the settler who took over the checkpoint made more sense to him then the idea of Reconciliation.

Siham, Shireen and one of the actresses 

Sharon Kalimi Misheiker

Photography: Aaron Barnea


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