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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Ladies of the Forum - Art Workshop, February 2008

Nira Lavi and Neta Shemesh's workshop


 We were eight Israelis and Palestinians, an intimate group. Our theme was Art. We came as guests to the lovely and pleasant house of Yariv and Iris Kahana; a couple of artists whose house reflects their art. Their pretty and unique artworks are set in unexpected places in the house, and make one's eye and heart happy to see them. After a warm welcome, some explanations and a cup of tea and a cake we started our artistic creation.

Step by step we created two mosaic mirror frames. Each one of us created small images from broken stones. In the next step we glued the images in different places on the wood frames and finally broke many white stones (Nurit and Siham did it) to create the background. We used lots of glue as we were told. Yariv and Iris helped us finish the work and instructed us with charm. At the end of the day we ate a lovely lunch which Iris who is also an artist in the kitchen, made. Before we parted we went to pick mallows with Nasra and Nabila who were happy to see the wide fields of mallow in Karkur.  

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Iris and Yariv You were wonderful and made our plan possible.

Shireen  - Without you it wouldn't be the same. You brought the Palestinian women from the check-point, translated from Arabic into Hebrew and vice versa and did it all willingly. Thank you.


Neta Shemesh



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