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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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PCFF Members meets the former president of the U. S.A. Mr. Jimmy Carter

PCFF members;  Israeli General Manager Nir Oren and Doctor Omar Allul met Mr. Jimmy Carter during his meeting with the members of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace NGO Forum. 

Mr. Carter belongs to a group called The Elders. The members of this group are all Peace activists and former politicians who want to bring peace to the world. This group wanted to come to the Middle East to promote Peace and Reconciliation but was refused. Mr. Carter decided to come on his own as a representative of the Carter Center. 

Carter spoke about the importance of Peace and Reconciliation and told an anecdote from Camp David. For four days Sadat and Begin tried to talk with each other but couldn't see beyond their personal and national pain. After four days Carter asked them to return to their cabins and for ten days he went from one to the other and helped them to reach the historical agreement. Carter said that when the suggestion was made to Begin that the Palestinians be given autonomy, Begin said that it should be full autonomy. 

One of the subjects that came up in the meeting was the financial difficulties and the need to find more funding to Israeli and Palestinian Peace NGOs.  


April 2008 


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