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In memory of Angelo Frammartino


 On August 10, 2006, Angelo Frammartino was assassinated in East Jerusalem. Angelo was a 24 years old young Italian, an outstanding militant in Italian left, who came to East Jerusalem to help Palestinian children organize a summer camp. His family and friends decided, in a way that certainly reminds the ideological approach of the PCFF, not to fall into despair and vicious hate towards the killer (a young Palestinian driven by blind nationalistic motivations who was condemned to life imprisonment by an Israeli military court). They opted to keep alive the precious memory of their idealistic and devoted son, through the establishment of an association which will focus specifically in advancing peace initiatives in our region.

Last year, the PCFF remembered the first anniversary of Angelo's death, at a special gathering in our A-Ram offices, in the presence of the family and a distinguished Italian delegation, headed by MEP Luisa Morgantini, Segio Bassoli of the CGIL, and representatives of ARCI (Active Citizenship Network) , the frame that organized the cooperation, which brought Angelo to Jerusalem. In this meeting the special relation between Frammartino family and the PCFF was forged. The family was formally received as a member of the PCFF and on the other hand, Khaled Abu Awwad and Aaron Barnea were invited to join the Honorary Board of the Association Angelo Frammartino, joining some of the most prestigious figures of Italian Left.

The first broad public gathering organized by the Association Angelo Frammartino, took place on 27-28 April 2008. Various round tables and presentations in two venues: the central hall of the Monterotondo Municipality and the monumental Julius Caesar Room of the Rome Municipality in Campdoglio. Monterotondo is the town where Angelo's family lives and where he forged his ideas and character, learned and worked until he left for his mission to the Middle East. The PCFF was invited to send the Israeli member of the Board to this gathering, which was aimed to present its projects and ideas to the Italian public. Contrary to its policy the PCFF decided this time to agree to be represented by a single rep considering the intention of the Association to invite next time the Palestinian member of the board.
Ms. Dyala Husseini Dajani, director of the Burj Al Luk Luk community center, took the floor to describe the life of Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem and the efforts to create feelings of normality in the controversial city. This community center was Angelo's operations base in Jerusalem. Aaron Barnea introduced the PCFF to the audience, its strategies and ways of operation. Vivid discussions followed the two presentations which showed the great interest of the public in the conflict and our approaches towards a solution. The mayor of Monterotondo, Mr. Antonino Lupi,who is also the President of the Association, actively participated in the whole study day.

In the public encounter that took place in Rome, the most prestigious figures of the whole spectrum of Italian Left were present and addressed the audience. It was really striking to realize that the gathering took place the same day municipal elections of paramount importance were held in Rome. The PCFF received a very meaningful public recognition by various speakers, particularly by Luisa Morgantini and Fausto Bertinoti, former Speaker of the Parliament, who said that his meeting with the PCFF was one of the highlights of his visit to the region. The two other experiences that he mentioned were his visit to Yad Vashem and his visit to the Palestinian National Assembly at Rammallah.
The Association presented publicly its first practical initiative: the launching of thirteen scholarships to be implemented in 2008, of Euros 3,500 each to any MA student, interested in researching various aspects related to the theme: "Jerusalem: history of a conflict seen from within the Holy City". The University of Rome "La Sapienza" will give the academic coaching and supervision to the candidates. The factors that funded the scholarships are the province of Rome, the Region of Lazio, the CGIL General Confederation of Italian Workers, and the Province of Milan.

The Burj Al Luk Luk Community Center in East Jerusalem and the Parents Circle-Families Forum are the two organizations in the region selected by the Association to establish a cooperation frame.

The PCFF rep with the Frammartinos  Silvana, Michelangelo and Romina

The PCFF rep with the Frammartinos Silvana, Michelangelo and Romina.

 Above: Angelo in East Jerusalem

 Angelo Frammartino


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