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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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"Reconciliation ", he said.

Rami Elchanan and Mazen Faraj along the East Cost. April 2008.

Lisa Allender dedicated a post in her blog; "Lisa Allender Writes", to a meeting she had with Rami Elchanan and Mazen Faraj as part of their visit to the states as guests of "Catholic Relief Services".

CRS is a big charity organization which located in Baltimore and has worldwide activities, addressed the PCFF with an offer to collaborate.  Rami and Mazen were invited as representatives of the PCFF for almost a month of meetings along the East Cost. The trip started in Atlanta and ended in Baltimore. Rami and Mazen met high school and university students, Bishops, politicians, journalists, Jews, Arabs and others from different genders, age groups and religions. They spoke in the radio in front of seven million listeners and were interviewed to TV stations and newspapers. When they were asked if they aren't putting themselves in danger by thinking the way they do, Mazen answered that the only danger he may face is his wife's anger for staying for such a long time away from home.

Lise Alleneder decided to write a post about the meeting after Rami and Mazen were asked by a man from the audience, what can be done. They both said; tell the story of what you just heard.

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