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Chicago Nov. 4-6

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The ladies of the Forum meet Sheikha Khadija

Sheikha Khadija was born as a Jew in New York. Life brought her during the seventies to the Sufi dance; whirling.  After eight years of whirling she met Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras, and began the study of the classical Mevlevi turn.

The Sufis are a small group in Islam which believes in the Love of God and that all comes from love. The history of the whirling dervishes begins with Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi in the 13th century. Whirling is a meditation in motion, your left foot stays put while you turn again and again and again. Doing it properly takes time, study and practice.

Sheikha Khadija teaches Whirling all over the world and comes to Israel from time to time to teach Israelis and Palestinians. This time the Ladies of the Forum joined one of her classes to meet once more and to celebrate the Forum's activities for 2008. In this meeting we thanked Tamara Rabinovich, the Ladies group founder and the Israeli facilitator, after two years of bringing together bereaved women from both sides. In the small break and ceremony between the turning warm words were said.

At the beginning of the class the Palestinian Ladies were very tired after the long trip and three of the Israelis had an accident on their way to the meeting and were taken to Hospital. They are all fine but the meeting was clouded by it. Nevertheless, there is something else in whirling which gives each and every one the space and time to connect with your own self and the universe. In the Sheikha's Website is written; "There is a dance in stillness and a stillness in dance, both of which are complete absorption, and thus, the dissolution of a doer."

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