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PCFF'S Peace Sign Nominees Submission


On International Peace Day, the 20th of September 2008, for the second time, the PCFF will make an award to two Peace Makers (groups, organizations or individuals), one Israeli and one Palestinian.

We invite the public to recommend nominees who made a special contribution to mutual understanding, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence between Palestinians and Israelis.
Written nominations for the Peace Sign need to be submitted by the 7th of September 2008. To receive the Nomination form, please contact Ariella Shainok or our Website.
The Awards Committee is set up by PCFF members and public personalities.

Last year the award was given to;
- Mr. Billal Zacharana  who saved an Israeli IDF officer from the mob in Jenin.
- The Villages Group - A group of Israeli individuals who, since 2002, have maintained daily contact with residents of villages in the West Bank who were hurt by the occupation. The group also cooperate with the villages local leadership in the areas of agricultural development and local development.


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