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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Meeting with Mr. Miguel Moratinos The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs

he Parents Circle - Families Forum are so grateful to Mr.  Moratinos for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with us and to listen with such empathy.  Mr.  Moratinos is very familiar with the situation in Israel/Palestine and was able to identify with our message of reconciliation immediately.  We told him of our work on the ground and of our long term plans for a  framework a reconciliation process to be in place for when political agreements are signed.  Mr.  Moratinos understood the need for funds to continue with our work and we hope that the Spanish Government will be able to support some of the work. Mr. Moratinos agreed to be an "Honorary Member" of the Spanish Friends of the Parents Circle and said he would be delighted to host an event to raise awareness and funds for the organization.
A press conference was held after the meeting with some 14 Spanish Journalists, we were delighted to be able to spread our message of hope and reconciliation through the Spanish media.

Robi Damelin - September 2008

Nir Oren, Khaled Abu Awwad, Miguel Maratinos, Ali Abu Awwad, Robi Damelin.


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