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Peace Sign - 2008

The PCFF marked the International Peace Day 2008, with visits to Ni'lin and Kfar Aza and with awarding the Peace Sign.




 The UN International Peace Day started as an initiative of one man who wanted to create a day on which peace activities will be held all around the world and especially in war zones.
We at the PCFF decided to mark the International Peace Day by commemorating our dead; children, siblings, parents and partners who died due to the conflict.  On that day we also mark our main goal; to do whatever we can to stop the bloodshed on both sides.
We started the 2008 Peace day with visiting bereaved families and residents of Ni'lin and Kfar Aza and continued to the Peace Sign ceremony. The Sign was awarded for the second time to people and organizations who dedicate their time and efforts to reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. The ceremony was led by PCFF youth. 
 The ceremony started with a minute of silence in the memory of our dead.

This year, in addition to the Peace Sign, the PCFF gave a special diploma to two bereaved parents; Ismail Khatib and Buma Inbar.

Ismail Khatib
Right after losing his son Ahmad who was shot in the town of Jenin by Israeli troops who mistook his toy gun for a real one, Ismail Khatib and his family decided to donate Ahmed's organs for use in Israel "for the sake of peace between the two people".  

Buma Inbar
 An organization of one man who created a group of Israeli volunteers who bring sick Palestinians and their family from the checkpoints to hospitals in Israel and back to the checkpoints, organize food for their families who stay with them in the hospitals, organize food and clothes for Palestinians who need it, fun days for Palestinians children and similar activities.  Buma works according to his motto: "Governments sign agreements - people create peace.

2008 Peace Sign was given to Yehuda Shaul and the organization "Breaking the Silence" and to Ayed Ahmad Morar. On International Peace Day we decided to show that there are others who work on the ground with a strong will to change the reality.

Yehuda Shaul, "Breaking the Silence"-
Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran Israeli soldiers that collects testimonies of soldiers who served in the Occupied Territories during the Second Intifada.
Until today, Yehuda Shaul and" Breaking the Silence" interviewed hundreds of soldiers who served in the territories, and they continue to interview soldiers daily. The organization also has lectures and tours to Hebron. The testimonies are published with minimal editing and with complete confidentiality, in order to protect the soldiers and to encourage them to speak.

 Ayed Ahmad Morar
Ayed, a father of six from the village Budrus near Ramallah, is an enthusiastic supporter of nonviolence resistance in Palestine.  Ayed Ahmad Morar established the first popular committee against the wall in 2003 and led over 60 non violent demonstrations together with the residents of Budrus. Ayed Ahmad Morar advises on non-violence in Palestine and is a member of the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian movement for non violence.

At the ceremony we also heard poems by Yehuda Amchai and Mahmoud Darwish, a PCFF member spoke about Mahmoud Darwishs life and work, young musicians from "Young Birenbaum" played throughout the ceremony and Professor Sami Adwan and Shulamot Aloni honored the ceremony with their presence and spoke about their work and beliefs.

Peace Day 2008 Kfar Aza
Peace Day 2008 Ni'lin



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