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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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All for Peace Radio


Sharon Kalimi Misheiker and Aziz Sarah from Parents Circle are writers, editors and presenters of A New Direction  radio program.

Sharon Misheiker: Israeli, born in Jerusalem, 1973. Sharon served as an officer in the Israeli army. She studied Philosophy and Reflexology, which she practices.  Sharon is director of the PCFF websites in English, Hebrew and Arabic. Her brother Gil'ad was killed in 1997. She Joined the PCFF in 2005.

Aziz Sarah: Palestinian, born in Al-Azaria in 1980. He lost his brother Tayseer in 1989. During high-school he used to write for the Hamas magazine against Israel. Aziz studied Hebrew at an 'Ulpan' with Israeli new Immigrants. He joined the PCFF on summer 2004, and was elected chairman of the Palestinian group of PCFF this year.

"A New Direction is one of All For Peace Radios flagship programs. The show reflects the essence of acknowledging the past and working for the future while expressing empathy and acceptance towards the other side, its existence, pain and right for a life of freedom and dignity.

It is broadcasted twice a week and is listened to by listeners in Israel and the Pestinian aTuthority, plus about 19,000 people regularly through the internet site.

Sharon and Aziz talking in The ANH conference- 2006


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