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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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We, the Palestinian and Israeli Members of the PCFF, Bereaved Families Supporting Reconciliation and Peace Make This Urgent Appeal;


To those who can make a difference to the daily reality of the Palestinian and Israeli people

To those who know that the negotiation of a cease fire is not enough and that it would only mean a temporary hiatus until the next round of killing

To those who understand that freedom of movement and the right to an independent and viable state for the Palestinian nation is a basic requisite for solving the conflict

To those who understand that Israel's need for security is legitimate and that without it, no solution is possible

To those who care about both peoples

To those who only care about one side

We implore you to force all sides to sit around a table and find a way to stop the never ending cycle of violence so that finally we can live with a permanent sense of safety and dignity, which every nation deserves.


"The image of the enemy is a moral and political burden because you are negotiating with someone whom only yesterday you called an oppressor, a murderer or a terrorist.  You promised your followers that this person would be severely punished  as a reward for the oppression they had lived through.  Your followers, meanwhile, are telling you justice requires punishment.  They ask: "How can you negotiate and talk to a person who is responsible for all the disasters of our people? ....I am negotiating because I have chosen the logic of peace and abandoned the logic of war.  This means my enemy of yesterday must become my partner.  He may still be my opponent but he is an opponent within peace, not within war."
Adam Michnik - Polish Activist


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