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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Watch Boaz Kitaein and Osama Abu Ayash in Hebron as part of the seminar "Knowing is the Beginning"

During 2007, all the participants of the Project: "Knowing is the Beginning"  met each other twice and heard each other's personal story and family narrative. In their meeting, Osama and Boaz went to look for Boaz family roots in Hebron. Boaz family story there has an important part in the story of the Jewish people in this city. They were told that there isn't a chance that Osama would be able to go inside the Shuhada street (the main street in area H2 in Hebron), because it's forbidden for Palestinians to walk in this street. Osama managed to enter the street. Boaz and Osama found Boaz family house. Today settlers live there. They were  moved to find the house, also they feared entering because of the settlers. Theye found the Palestinian family who saved Boaz family in 1929 during the massacre of the Jewish residents of Hebron by Palestinians. They invited them to come and visit.



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