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The PCFF received The Three Cultures award for Peace and Dialogue


The Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean Sea, 10th anniversary occurs this year. Within the framework of the 10th Anniversary of its creation, it is worth mentioning the first time Three Cultures gave awards .The ceremony took place in Seville, Spain, at the headquarters of the Foundation.

The occasion started with a festive meeting of the Board of Patrons of the Three Cultures Foundation, and continued with a ceremony headed by the President of the autonomic government of Andalusia, Mr. Manuel Chaves. Also participated,  his Majesty the King of Morocco's special advisor, Mr. André Azoulay, the vice president and a special consultant for the Andalusia Government, Mr. Gaspar Zarrías,  the Three Cultures CEO, Mr. Gerardo Ruiz-Rico Ruiz;  The Communication Minister of Morocco's Government, Mr. Khalid Naciri; The Ambassador of Spain in Morocco Luis Planas; The Ambassador of Morocco in Spain, Omar Azziman; The State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ángel Lossada; The Manager of Cervantes Institution, Carmen Caffarel.

At the Board meeting greetings were read, sent by His Majesty the King of Spain, Don Juan Carlos I , His Majesty the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI and the President of Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbás.

The Award which was given to both award-winners was a special figurine made by the sculptor and painter Antonio Sosa. The event ended with a concert given by the pianist Carim Karim and the violinist Michael Barenboim, members of the Western-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

The author and the journalist Juan Goytisolo (Barcelona, 1931) received the award as a recognition of his literary work which consistently protests against injustice and is dedicated to dialog. Goytisolo is focused on deepening the knowing of other nations, in his work he stands up and praise the mutual fertilization of different cultures.

The Three Cultures Foundation chose the Parents Circle Families Forum to receive the award for Peace and Dialogue. The PCFF is an organization around 500 Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians who lost family members as a result of the conflict between the two nations. The PCFF is a nonprofit organization who promotes the idea of peace and reconciliation and was established in 1995. The Forum members, united in their pain, censure the use of suffering as a method to deepen the hatred between the nations. They promote activities for mutual support of the families, values of mutual respect, dialogue and non violence resistance


The establishment of the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean Sea was by a mutual decision of Andalusias Government and the Kingdom of Morocco in 1998, to establish a forum which would promote a meeting  between the nations and the cultures along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, based on the principles of  peace, tolerance and dialogue.

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