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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Over 80 postcards arrived to the PCFF from England Wells, Scotland and Canada.

During Lent 2009, The Christian Aid took a virtual journey through the Holy Land. With help from people who have travelled in the region and those that live and work there, virtual pilgrims saw some of the sights and heard about what it is like to work for peace in this troubled region.

Christian Aid chose the PCFF to be one of the organizations the virtual pilgrims met during their journey. A letter from Rami Elhanan and a video with Mazen Faraj and Robi Damelin assisted the pilgrims to get to know the work of the PCFF and to understand what can it mean to be a peacemaker in this conflict today, when so many people on both sides have lost loved ones and what forgiveness, or hope, can mean in such a context.

Following the traditional action for Mothering Sunday, the Christian Aid virtual community decided to unite and take action together. More than 80 people sent a postcard of their home town to the members of the Parents Circle.

We at the PCFF were very moved by all the wonderful postcards and kind words we received. We thank Christian Aid for this lovely initiative and we thank all Christian Aid followers who made the effort and sent us lovely postcards. 



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