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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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On the second week of August In a nice resort in Rosh Hanikra, our youth Internet project reached it's peak when 16 Palestinians and 12 Israelies, all between 15-17 years old, met. For four days they had fun, talking and especially getting to know each other.

Over the last few months they  met virtually through Blogs (an online diary).

A few days before the Seminar the discussions became more political, moral and stormy,  the curiosity of finding who is the person behind the words rose, and than they met...

The Seminar was build in a way that gave the youth a chance to speak out with the guidance of professional conflict  instructors.

 Between meetings they got a chance to have nice breaks together doing activities that required cooperation. Together they build kites, learned how to juggle, enjoyed rafting and more.

The participants were able to break the stereotypes, change some of the opinions on the other side and develop sensitivity towards the other sides needs. They all  showed  a strong desire to keep in touch.

Now , a month later their blogs are still active and they keep on writing to each other, agreeing, disagreeing, and bringing their own thoughts and environment to each other.




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