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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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"Offering Reconciliation"

In a big and festive opening held on the 6th of May at the Museum of Israeli art in Ramat Gan, we celebrated the opening of the exhibition "Offering Reconciliation".

The impressive exhibition, displaying the art works of 135 Palestinian and Israeli artists, was opened yesterday (08/05/2006) to the public. Over the past year year, all the artists all of whom had  volunteered,  the Israeli Friends of the Family Forum and  our members worked hard in order of making this lovely idea of our friend, Orna Tamir Schestovitz, happen.
Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families, artists, friends and guests all stood together looking at the art works, hoping for another and better tomorrow.
The exhibition was open on until 27.5.06.

 The exhibition catalog is for sale. All of the income is dedicated to the educational projects of the Family Forum.



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