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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Dearest Leonard

Robi Damelin thanks Leonard Cohen on behalf of the Parents Circle

View some videos from Leonard Cohen concert in Tel-Aviv

Leonard Cohen wows sell-out crowd, and promotes peace too

Thank you for the hiatus and for bringing an interval of freedom from the violence and anger.  

Thank you for the moments of absolute joy, and also for touching our pain.

Thank you for an unforgettable evening and for allowing a light of humanity and for the fun and for allowing us to laugh about it all.
Thank you for supporting our work, as Roni Hirshenzon always says "working for reconciliation in Israel / Palestine, is like taking water out of the sea with a teaspoon" , well here you had 50,000 teaspoons ready to go to work. 
Your love renews us with the spirit to continue and to understand that we can not afford the luxury of giving up.
Thank you mainly for your compassion and love

 Photo: IP

Roni Hirshenzon giving a speach on behalf of the Parent Circle at the ceremony before the concert. Photo: Mashka Litvak

In the V.I.P Tent before the ceremony Photo: Mashka Litvak

The ceremony before the concert in the V.I.P Tent Photo: Mashka Litvak


The concert Photo: Mashka Litvak


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