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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Womens Meeting

June 2009

The Ladies of the Forum have been meeting for the past three and a half years, once every few months. Their last meeting was held on Friday (25.6.09), at the Arab-Jewish Center in Jaffa. The goal was to think of ideas in preparation for a big event which the Ladies of the Forum are planning to hold in November.
The event will include several parts which will highlight the accomplishments of the Ladies of the Forum group, and allow the public to see the activities of the entire Forum as well.

On Friday, the Israeli and Palestinian women divided into working groups and discussed the various aspects of the event.  At the event the women plan to sell different dishes of Palestinian and Israeli cuisine, show a joint exhibit of work produced by the art group, show a common documentary, sell works of art created by the Palestinian and Israeli women, and have conversation and dialogue circles.

During the meeting, a group of 15 European journalists waho came to view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a different perspective interviewed the women.

At the end of the day, Tamara Rabinowitz, who founded the Women's Forum and led it for two years, showed a video created by Maram Massarwi as part of her doctorate on bereavement and gender in Palestinian society. Marams video combined images of the Women's Forum Calendar (from the years 2007-2008), with the background song "There must be another way" (Noa and Mira Awwad).

  After the screening of the movie a movement workshop took place.

The Ladies of the Forums next meeting is scheduled for August.

Thanks to the Sabba foundation that supports our women's activities, the Arab Jewish Center in Jaffa, Ilana Rosenberg for translation, Mona Shaheen and the Ladies of the Forum

Photography: Maska Litvak


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