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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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An Italian Experience

Nine Israelis and thirteen Palestinians, all kids from the Families Forum, flew to Italy with Mashka, Fatma, Ali and Dan, our members. Together with nine Italian kids, our dear friend Viki, her son, and the Italian guides, they all stayed in a lovely resort up in the Italian Alps.

 For two weeks,  they learned English,  climbed walls and rocks and went for long walks .

To connect with each other they talked four languages which was challenging and sometimes funny. The kids prepared for each other lessons in Arabic and Hebrew and by doing that learned new words not just in English.

 Saying goodby in the farewell party in the Alps was quite emotional for everybody.

In the last two days, in Turino, many people wanted to meet our kids who are all between the ages of 10-15 years old, so they all went from one meeting to the next serving as lovely delegates of reconciliation. Between meetings and ceremonies they enjoyed shopping and especially the Italian pizza.

In an unusual act, Fatma and the Palestinian kids were given a permission to fly both ways with the rest of group from the Israeli airport. By that they didn't have to fly through Jordan and all the children got the chance to be together all the time. The idea of the camp was to let them be in a neutral place and to meet kids that know no war, and to see that there is an option to live differently.



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