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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Summer Camp 2005

The Families forum summer camp for 2005 was held for five days in Sha'ar Hagolan, near the sea of Galilee.

The days happen to be the days of the Israeli disengagement from Gaza and just after the murder in Shfaram. Everything was uncertain and hectic, especially on the Israeli side, what almost brought to a cancellation of our third annual camp for our own bereaved kids. 

Some parents were concerned about sending their kids and there was a problem of getting some permits, although all the kids have participated in the forum activities for the last three years.

 That is why the camp started without all the kids, but two days later, after a huge effort that was made in the forum, all the kids but one got permits. In minutes the forum organised a ride and brought them to Sha'ar Hagolan to join us.

During the camp we went rafting in the Jordan river, sailing in the sea of Galille, visiting the zoological zoo in Haifa, were enjoying the kibutz's lovely pool, seeing a clowns' show and more. The older kids made a funny short film on the instructors and the youngest made some art work.

We said goodby with a lovely home-cooked meal in the home of Nazi Kadur and his wife,  Forum members that live in Dalyat el karmel (the largest Druze village in Israel). The meal was cooked by his wife and her frieinds. It was the best ending we could ask for. After eating, the kids gave each other gifts that they had prepared.

We all had lots of fun and are waiting to see each other again hopefully before another year will go by.




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