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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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From Pain To Hope Watch

The parents circle- families forum held a media seminar for it's members during the steamy days of August. The days were just before the disengagement and all we could hear around us were voices of pain, anger and violence. Although we find the voices of pain and anger legitimate, a need has emerged from our members to let people hear our own voice, a voice that is calling for reconciliation.

Our members met, thought and discussed a way to bring out their feelings and thoughts especially to the Israeli public. 

 Eventually our members painted their wishes and thoughts about reconciliation on a big canvas with the help of Adi Yakutiali, an Israeli artist and the society of art in the community,, leaving some empty canvas space to whoever wishes to add and express his or her own feelings.

The painting was placed near the media tent in Eshkol's regional council, not in the middle of the happenings in order not to further stimulate provocation in a very delicate and emotional situation.

Our massage reached some but not all and not enough. Still it wasn't disappointing. Our members talked in the Israeli media and also in the world media including a T.V. channel from Saudi Arabia.



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