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Yuval Rot, member of the PCFF, on Channel 10, as part of the project Israelis 10


Israelis 10, a project presented by Mickey Haimovitz, is a series of reportages that will be aired during the main news program on Channel 10 and will present inspiring Israeli citizens in other words, big-hearted Israelis who work for the society or the environment and bring about real change.


Watch Yuval Rot tell about the organization that he set up to drive ill Palestinians from the check-point to the hospital.


Yuval Rot

Age: 55

Home: Pardes Hannah

Profession: Carpenter

Bereaved brother, member of the Israeli-Palestinian Parents Circle- Families Forum, juggler and magician at the circus, married and father of four children.


It all started by chance. A friend called Yuval Rot and asked him for a favor: to drive his brother, who was feared to have a brain tumor, to the Hospital Rambam in Haifa. Yuval, of course, agreed. He knew the friend from the Israeli-Palestinian PCFF, where they were both members. The friend lived in the village . in the Territories, a fifteen minute drive from Yuvals home in Pardes Hannah. Soon, an additional request came in, from a family whose four children needed a bone marrow transplant. These children needed a ride every few weeks to the Hospital Hadassa Ein Kerem in Jerusalem for a blood transfusion.


The number of requests grew steadily, and soon Yuval could no longer handle them on his own. He asked for help in his close circle: his young brother, family member and friends. When it turned out that even that was not enough to satisfy the growing demand, Yuval decided to broaden the scope: The project just took off by word of mouth, he remembers. The ill passed each other my phone number. In order to keep up with the flood of requests, we sent out an e-mail asking for help. Today, my mailing list contains 180 volunteers. And thats how it works: At the beginning of each week, Yuval sends out a list of requests by mail. The volunteers commit themselves to a trip that suits them. Yuval sets up a rudimentary work plan, and takes on himself the remaining trips.


To the PCFF Yuval arrived after his brother, Udi Rot, was kidnapped and killed by Hamas. As part of his work for the Parents Circle - Families Forum, he meets with 11th and 12th grade students, shortly before they join the army. Every such meeting is jointly led by an Israeli and a Palestinian representative, who each tell their personal story. Those meetings, says Yuval, open their minds to another reality.


When asked what moves him to do his work, Yuval answers: My first motivation is simply to help my neighbor. Afterwards, you realize that there are other good reasons to do this, and that gives you strength along the way. One ill person told me that he no longer throws stones at Israelis, because he always sees my face in front of his eyes. Theres no way around it love is the best weapon against violence.


The message: The equation Do good and you will receive good actually works.


Watch Yuval Rot on channel 10 (Hebrew)


If youre interested in volunteering, click here.




Date:  03/05/2010
Name:  Laura Shaz
E-mail:  ljspeace@gmail.com
Thank you for being so kind
Simply beautiful :"Love is the best weapon against violence." The PCFF is filled with the most beautiful and kind people in Israel and Palestine. Thank you for the motivation. Kindness is contagious. -Laura

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