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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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For the fourth year in a row the PCFF celebrated World Peace Day.

This year we celebrated in Jerusalem. Hundreds of members of the group, members of the public and other NGO's as well as a special group of 400 Italian and French peacemakers joined together in an evening of hope tinged with pain.

The Notre- Dame Center was the venue and this was sponsored by the Angelo Framartino Foundation and Europe for Peace in the Middle East.

The evening started with four dialog groups who sharing topics connected to reconciliation and also a lecture in the larger hall for the foreign guests which of course had translation into Italian, Hebrew and Arabic.

The evening ceremony began with the guest pianist Mr. Luciano Baso and was compared by the actors of our Television Series "Good Intentions", Orna Fitusi and Lutfi Nusairr.

Both the Palestinian and the Israeli Directors of the Forum spoke and Flavio Lotti coordinator of Tavola Della Pace, Sergio Bassoli, coordinator of the Italian Peace NGOs, Marco Vincio Guasticchi, President of Peruggia Province and Tonio Dell'Olio spoke on behalf of the European guests. A friend of the late Angelo Frammartino commemorated his memory. Then followed a poignant minute of silence to remember all our loved ones killed in the conflict.

Two well known and popular singers Mira Awwad and Ahinoam Nini (Noa) with composer and guitarist Gil Dor volunteered to share their wonderful music which illustrates so well the possibility of co-existence.

A panel of judges headed by Father Ibrahim Faltas and Yoshua Sobol chose the two prize winners for this year's reconciliation award, Mr. Arik Yellin and the group "Another Voice" and to Mr. Eisam El-Dibeey for their lifetime contribution to reconciliation.


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