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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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"Neighbors- Bereaved Women creating reconciliation "

2009 was the year that the women's group opened up their wonderful relationship and work to the general public with "Neighbors- Bereaved Women creating reconciliation ", a two- day event held at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque in December.

Many, many months of meetings and preparations went into this successful, unique event. The meetings between the Palestinian and Israeli members of the group hold in themselves an element of miracle. If only people would realize that if we, who have paid the highest price in the conflict, can work together and create an atmosphere of understanding and love, then surely others could use this as an example.

Hundreds of people took part in the intimate sharing sessions which were held in the adjacent tent, some for the first time being exposed to a Palestinian narrative, or indeed to a Palestinian person. Discussions on the role of religion in the process of reconciliation and many other topics were held with such sensitivity and dignity, that people felt free to share their innermost thoughts.
This work acts as a catalyst to empower other women in the PCFF and gives them an opportunity to contribute and share their narratives.

The wonderful handicraft made by the Palestinian and Israeli members of our group sold like hot cakes and one would hope that the people who bought them will share their feelings and experiences of the Parents Circle message. Now of course the Palestinian kitchen has many delicious goodies and so the jams preserves and biscuits made according to granny recipes disappeared from the shelves, a taste of sweets from Palestinian women may also inspire more understanding of the other.

Fifty Palestinian women were hosted by Israeli families for the night this in itself is another miracle and can only bring a deeper understanding of the other. It is to be hoped that this successful event is only the first of many more to come.

We cannot thank Aisha and Tzurit and all their Palestinian and Israeli Forum team for Neighbors.

Special thanks to the Sebba Foundation for their support of the group.




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