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The PCFF at the Anna Lindh Forum 2010 in Barcelona


More than eight hundred  representatives of ngos in 43 European and Mediterranean countries participated in the Anna LIndh 2010 Forum which was held in Barcelona between 4-7 March.

The Israeli group of the PCFF was selected among the 150 Israeli members and Aaron Barnea who represented the organization,  introduced the Knowing is the Beginning project in one of the workshops .

The Forum operated in a twofold format event: the AGORA and the MEDINA formats


Plenary Sessions:

Were dedicated to reflect with experts and stakeholders on the accomplishments as well as the obstacles relevant to the institutional development of social and cultural cooperation in the Euro-Med region. In collaboration with the media, the key sessions were broadcasted across the 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries.


Were dedicated to debate and reflected on key issues in the field of Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and analyzed the accomplishments of the Foundation in this domain. The main topics of the workshops were:

      Education, Intercultural Learning & Youth: Learning to live together in diversity

      Cultural & Artistic Collaborations:Creativity for Dialogue

      Creating Spaces of Peace and Co-existence: Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges

      Cities, Migrants & Diversity: Valuing Diversity, Understanding Migration

      Religion, Spirituality and Values: Inter-religious dialogue & common values for action


The PCFF participated in the workshop on Creating Spaces of Peace and Co-existence in the Group 1, which dealt with the Perception of Conflicts, history narrative and communication.




ALF national network members, Euro-Med regional networks, institutions and initiatives, local associations and international NGOs were invited to share their ideas and their experiences to create new opportunities for intercultural actions and to establish new partnerships.

The PCFF was invited to introduce the project "Knowing is the Beginning" in the frame of the presentations of Best Practices registered among ALF me3mber organizations. We prepared a special presentation which was received enthusiastically and was an important reference in the discussions held in this workshop.

We were proud to greet our colleagues of Combatant for Peace who were present (Maha Staiti and Gitit Barel) and praised in the Closure of the Forum 2010 as winners of the Euro-Med Award 2010. The PCFF got a special mention.


The gathering in Barcelona was an excellent opportunity to meet old friends, make new contacts and networking with various organizations. The fact that the Palestinian partner was not present was a serious handicap and this might be avoided in the future by strengthening the ties of the PCFF in the Palestinian ALF network.  


Picture: Our delegate to the ALF Barcelona, Aaron Barnea with the President of ALF Andre Azulay and the Executive Director of Keshev Yizhar Be'er .


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