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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Suhair Alami and Elay Oren, members of the PCFF, at a One Young World Leadership Conference

London, February 8-10, 2010

One young world is a first conference of its kind that gathered 700 young leaders, 25 years old and younger, from 108 countries.  The purpose of the Conference was to discuss together few of the subjects on the agenda such as Global Warming, Poverty, Economic Crisis, etc.


Each subject was presented by a young delegate that had five minutes to present his subject, afterwards a few youngsters got up stage to present the issue from different perspectives.  At the end of a topic representation the organizers suggested a solution and the participants were requested to vote and by that express their opinions.


The conference was formed due to a feeling that world leaders have failed and the younger future leaders generation should be given the stage.  David Jones and Kate Robertson, the organizers of this conference are interested that this conference would be the first of many others and hope that the conference will make a name for it self and ideas that will be raised in it will influence global general decisions.


Jones and Robertson decided to dedicate time for a subject that was not raised during the conference.  David Jones addressed Ronit Avni, director of the movie Encounter Point" which describes a number of peace organizations in Israel and Palestine and focuses on the Parents Circle - Families Forum.   Ronit, a dear friend of the PCFF, made immediate contact and within a few days flight arrangements for Suhair Alami and Elay Oren were made.




The appearance of Elay and Suhair was exceptional in every possible way.  Instead of getting only five minutes on stage they received 30 minutes to tell their personal stories and the changes that occurred within them following their joining of the PCFF.  The trailer to Encounter Point was screened and afterwards facing 700 conference participants were interviewed on stage Suhair and Elay.  The Israeli Palestinian conflict was not discussed at this conference or any other conflicts and not peace organizations, that is why the space that was given to the PCFF was significant.


After the words of Suhair and Elay they got off stage.  Hundreds of participant (no exaggeration) approached them, expressed thanks and appreciation, took photos together, offered to help and said how much they were happy to discover that such a Parents Circle - Families forum existed.


One of the proofs for the success these two gained was due to an invitation Elay received to join a group that was established by candidates of the Arab Countries.  The delegates told Elay that if he agreed to joint them they would change the name of the group from Arab Countries to Middle East.


Watch Elay Oren and Suhair Alami on youtube


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