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An alternative ceremony

On one stage in Tel-Aviv on the Israeli memorial day the Izkor movement decided to have a different kind of a ceremony with bereaved Israelis and Palestinians.

On Monday evening Israel had its memorial ceremony for the dead and fallen in war and in terrorist acts. On that evening and the following day there were many national ceremonies all over Israel.
Our friend, Buma Inbar from the Izcor movement decided to shout his cry to end the violence and bloodshed, and had an alternative ceremony with Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families. Four of our members - Aziz Abu Sara, Shirin Tarek, Palestinians bereaved brothers,  Nazia Kadur, an Israeli Druze who lost his son and Nira Lavi, An Israeli Jew who lost her son and husband - stood on the stage to  tell about their  about their personal loss.. The national eremony started at eight PM with the Memorial Day siren which is heard all over Israel. They all stood together, including Aziz and Shirin. Then, when Shirin and Aziz went on stage, all the Israelis in the "Tmuna" theater in Tel- Aviv listened quietly.

Buma, an Israeli who lost his son, said how hard it was for him to organise and have a ceremony like that on the soldiers Memorial Day, but how important it is for him to show that blood is blood and bereavement is the same no matter who you are.

Aziz Abu Sara said: "bereavement is the lost of a dear one; also, your life changes forever because of it. The pain of an Israeli family and a Palestinian family is the same. The way to remember the dead is to say enough blood was spilled and we can share the same land and speak to each other in order to do everything we can to stop the killing.




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