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Palestinian, Israeli Families: Bring us Peace

WAFA - Palestinian News Agency

RAMALLAH, September 2, 2010 (WAFA)- Parents Circle – Families Forum called, today, on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas to not let extremists from both sides dictate the agenda of the peace talks, soon to be opened in Washington.

In a letter sent today, to both leaders, the Forum said: 'Do not let the extremists from both sides to detour you from the main road, the road of dialog and negotiation. Do not let the extremists to dictate you the agenda, its rhythm and the very existence of the talks. '

'We, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, wives and husbands – Israeli and Palestinian family members of victims of this awful conflict, we, the product of so many missed opportunities, tell you, to our leaders, that we all hope and pray, religious and secular people, that you shall overcome all the pressures on you, that you shall behave like statesmen and not as mere politicians, that you will understand that the fate of hundreds and thousands families is in your hands, that they will be the big losers if you will not reach a peace agreement.

'We know that reconciliation between our peoples is a possible vision. We know it because we have experimented it among us vis a vis the other side, and we have found readiness and openness and fierce will to look into the future with hope. Not from a perspective of forgetting the past, but from a deep preoccupation for our living dears, our friends and our neighbors. Because we do not want them to live through the agonies that we knew.

'We know too that this reconciliation could become part the daily life of the two peoples if you succeed to reach an agreement that will equally assure to both of them the right of living free and secure in his land.

Do not let them win. Bring us the Peace!'

WAFA - English


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