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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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In short...

Meeting with the president of Brazil, encounter with leaders of the Shas party.





Meeting with the president of Brazil


In March 2010, the president of Brazil, Luis Inacio De Silva (Lula), met with Aharon Barnea, a representative of the PCFF. The president of Brazil came on a visit to the region, accompanied by an impressive delegation that included some ministers, the president of the Jewish community, the ambassador and other dignitaries. Three organizations were invited to the meeting: the Geneva Initiative, the PCFF and the Palestinian organization.


Ali Abu Awwad was supposed to join the meeting, but was prevented at the last minute.




Meeting with a group of Shas activists, within the framework of the Program for the training of young leadership from the religious-sephardic public


The meeting, which had been planned as a bi-national meeting, ended up being a uni-national meeting, due to the closure that had been imposed on the Territories until Tuesday midnight. Ali Abu Awwad could therefore not arrive as planned, and there is no doubt that his absence was felt. Nir Yesod told his story and Aharon Barnea joined for the general discussion.


The Shas group included members of the movements leadership, rabbis, heads of congregations and other influential personalities, some of them inhabitants of the settlements, like the chief rabbi of Tapuah.


The meeting was part of a training program on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for Shas leaders, which the U.N. had initiated. In the past eighteen months, they met with many different Israelis and Palestinians, including Yossi Beilin and Palestinian and Israeli journalists.

The questions and commentaries that came up during the meeting were in essence no different from what we are used to from our conversations in schools. Naturally, they were presented from more aggressive standpoint.


There were also a few who agreed with the message of the Forum, like the Shas spokesman, Itzik Sudri, an impressive man who recalled the peace messages of Rav Ovadia.


After the meeting, some of the participants came up to us and expressed great sympathy with our work and readiness to widen the circle.


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