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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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The PCFF in Monterotondo and Rome

The PCFF was invited by the Angelo Frammartino Foundation to participate in the events organized around April 28, the birthday of Angelo. We participated in the events held on April 27 and April 28.  In April 27, the final stage of the educational project "Searching for Peace" was held at the Raffaelo Giovagnolli school, where the late Angelo Frammartino was a pupil. Pupils, students and teachers from several schools in Monterotondo developed various imaginative programs which were shown to the public. It was amazing to realize the effort done by the schools in developing the projects, which present the conflict in our region from various perspectives. In general the approaches were evenhanded and tried to give a balanced historical background. We were surprised by the capacity of the audience to listen to a four hours presentation.

On the 28 two buses left Monterotondo for Rome, to participate in the main events. The gathering took place at the Province of Rome venue, the Palazzo Valentini.  In the morning seven of the university students from all over Italy, who were awarded special scholarships by the Frammartino Foundation, were given the opportunity to present briefly their thesis to the audience.  211 applications from 39 Italian universities were received, a clear indicator of the interest and the presence of the Frammartino Foundation. Franco La Torre, who chaired the Scientific Committee in charge of the selection of candidates, introduced each one of the young researchers and gave them the opportunity to present their research.

In the afternoon the session was focused on the ME conflict under the heading: "Let's do peace in the ME Our proposal supporting the Palestinian and Israeli Peace Movement". The moderator was one of the outstanding Italian (Jewish) journalists Eric Salerno and the other participants were the President of the Province of Roma, Nicola Zangaretti, Sergio Bassoli, representing the Angelo Frammartino Foundation the newly elected President of the Italian NGOs, Francesco Petrelli, Nicoletta Rocchi, International Secretary of the CGIL, Flavio Lotti in representation of Tavola della Pace, and the PCFF delegate.  We had an excellent possibility to present the PCFF and our participation was very much appreciated. At the end of the announced speakers, representatives of the political parties were invited to present their approach to a solution of the conflict. The only political party who sent a delegate was Rifondazione Comunista, who presented a harsh critical position vis a vis Israel and called  for a boycott, which the majority rejected .  The message of the PCFF was very warmly received. The main message of this session was particularly voiced by Sergio Bassoli andFlavio Lotti and it was the absolute need to support the forces in the Middle East which are forwarding the ideas of dialog, reconciliation and peace, first and foremost the PCFF. Flavio Lotti appealed the Italian Government to extend as a first effort in this direction a sum of a million Euros to advance this idea.

The cisit to Italy was extensively used to broaden the group of Italian individuals and institutions interested in the PCFF, its vision and activities.


Aaron Barnea 

Photos of the event in Monterotondo, at the Raffaelo Giovagnolli school, on April 27, 2010.

 In memory of Angelo Frammartino


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