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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Forum's Kids at the "Offering Reconciliation" Exhibition

On the 11th of May (2006) around fifty of the Forum's children and youth came to meet each other and see the "Offering Reconciliation" Exhibition

This was the first year in which we were able to gather the kids, who come from all over the Palestinian Authority and Israel, during the year and not just for the summer camp.

During their visit to the Ramat Gan Museum, they visited the exhibition, wrote up what the term reconciliation means to them and what it means to the artists according to their art works. They also dressed up each other in the way they see each other, so the funny ones in the group looked like clowns and the delicate girls like princesses.

During the visit the group got lucky and by chance met two of the artists who were there, Mohammad S. Kalash and Cyrinski Yasha. Both artists explained their art work to the kids and answered questions.

The lovely afternoon ended with Pizzas.




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