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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Meetings (March-April 2004)

Meeting each other - Palestinians and Israelis - isn't easy. If it's to take place in Israel it must be with permits which are not easy to get. If it's in the Palestinian Authority it should be in a place where such meetings are allowed and which isn't dangerous.

At the end of March we were able to get all the kids who were at the summer camp to get together and see each other. The meeting was held near Bethlehem. The Palestinian members were very happy to have the Israeli kids at their side for the first time. The kids ate together, had sports and are actively creating their own perfect world.

On the ninth of April we had a seminar for the Palestinian and the Israelis forum lecturers. We spoke in national groups about the problems we meet during our lectures in high schools. Then, we all shared together what had been discussed. Then we listened together to two lectures about the result of elections on both sides. The lecturers were Professor Shuldiner and Professor Abu Ayash


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