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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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peaceful weekend in the middle of war

Galit Oren tells about the BFF Israeli and Palestinian instructors Seminar, which was held at the beginning of August 2006.


Date:  17/07/2008
Name:  Nina K.
E-mail:  fericitulghitza@yahoo.com
Dear Nurit
I read the story of your daughter and of the daughter of Bassam and I was really touched. I am Romanian, but my husband is Israeli, so very soon after we met I started to know better the situation in Middle East. And in all of these years we are together, I couldn''t even look at Israeli or Romanian channels showing news from Middle East, as I couldn''t understand why the politicians in Israel are not puting more efforts for reconciliation. I''m not saying that the politicians around the world are better, but still, I felt there is a duty and a strong request that the Israeli politicians should answer, as soon as possible, in order to bring peace into their country as well into the Palestinians territories. I''ve seen many beautiful people from both sides in Israel, and it''s really a shame that for so many years, so many people are still killed. I appreciate very much your work and efforts and I would love to help you somehow. God bless you all for this and may Him bring peace to the souls of the victims of this unnecessary war and to their relatives.

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