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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Women's Gathering

On Friday we had a gathering, just us, the women of the Forum Circle.


Date:  20/07/2008
Name:  Anor A.
To Nina
I can see from what you wrote that you don''t work in a conflict, because Aaron is right. Moderation and tolerance are the tools and the qualities that are needed in our dialog. I found your words: "insidious and shallow" very violent and aggressive.You can say what you think without being rude and violent. About Mahatma Gandhi, he wasn''t a saint and not everything he said and did should be copied. For example, he had some anti-Semitic remarks.

Date:  17/07/2008
Name:  Nina K.
E-mail:  fericitulghitza@yahoo.com
To Aaron Barnea''s reply
I''m speaking from a neutral place, as I''m neither Israeli neither Palestinian, but Romanian. I''m not looking for extremism, as I do not agree with violence. But the kind of moderation you are speaking about is maybe the weak point of most of the Peace Organizations. They are so much looking for moderation till they end up in forgetting what was their main target and forgetting that they enrolled in their organization in order to OBTAIN something. For more inspiration I should give you the example of Mahatma Gandhi, who, beside the fact he was a peacemaker, he was a peace fighter... It''s true, fighting with non-violence, but FIGHTING and never giving up. I honestly found your reply insidious and shallow.

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