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Chicago Nov. 4-6

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A ten day tour to Italy and Switzerland- March 2006

Wajee Tmeeze and Aaron Barnea just returned from a ten days tour to Italy and Switzerland, invited by Confronti.

Confronti, a multicultural Italian publication, which has been involved in two previous opportunities in the organization of similar conference tours for members of the PCFF, under the general heading of "Seeds of Peace - 2006", lead by Dr. Paolo Naso. The other members of the delegation included Mohammad Bakri, Dr. Asher Salah, Dalia Peretz and Kamal Abu-Younis, both of them involved in the school organization "Hand in Hand". The initiative of Confronti was followed by the provinces of Prato and Verona, where our two delegates lectured extensively about the messages of peace and reconciliation and the PCFF strategies vis a vis the new political developments in the region.

The Swiss chapter of the visit was hosted by the Reformed Protestant Church of Sottoceneri. Pastore Giuseppe La Torre prepared an intensive program of meetings with students, teachers, parents, broad public and the media in the Italian speaking area of Switzerland.



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