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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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A Weekend for Peace - Conference 2006

Approximately 150 members and 30 children participated in The Families Forum annual conference, which took place at the Blue-Bay Hotel in Netania during 16th-18th November 2006.

The goal of this conference, as always, was to let new and old members, Israelis and Palestinians, meet each other, conduct a dialog, ask questions and be together.

Here is a short report about some of the main activities we had during the conference: Two lectures were planned by two institutes (one Israeli - Keshev and the other Palestinian - Miftach) which research how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is represented through both nations' daily newspapers. Unfortunately the Palestinian lecturer couldnt come but we heard what is going on on the Israeli side.

As in every conference, we had small group workshops. This time the Forum members could choose between five discussion groups: politics, narratives, where the Forum is heading to, practical ideas for the Forum, next year's activities and the personal story group, in which each member had the chance to tell their personal story and listen to the others.

Two musical events were at the conference, one by our own new member Boaz Galili, a young and unique musician who lost his father and grandmother in the conflict, and the other by Amal Murkus, a Palestinian singer.

The BFF is going now through some changes in order to have joint management. A discussion was held about the changes.

As always there wasn't enough time. There are still questions to ask, matters to discuss and a long road to walk in order to build an understanding on each side.

Sharon Kalimi MIsheiker

Photo: Mashka Litvak (Forum members singing with Amal Murkus)

A short review from the Israeli T.V.

A project supported by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs and part of the broader educational project supported by the European Union.


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