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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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The Human Forum : Faces of Courage

December 7th to 9th, 2006, our members at the Alliance for New Humanity in Puerto Rico

Aziz Abu Sarha and Sharon Kalimi Misheiker, our members and the presenters of the radio show A New Direction in All for Peace Radio, were invited as Change Agents, to participate in the Alliance for a New Humanity's annual gathering.

The Alliance for a New Humanity is committed to creating a critical mass of consciousness in the world for social justice, economical freedom, ecological balance and conflict resolution.

 Deepak Chopra                                        

To the sunny beaches of Puerto-Rico came; Shimon Malka, the radios co-manager, Dr. Ozaki-Lazar, one of the Radio's founders and a board member of the ANH, Aziz, Sharon and about 400 hundred people from around the globe. Aziz and Sharon participated in three panels about forgiveness, alternative channels to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Acute vs. Chronic. Aziz and Sharon represented both the radio station and their show and the PC/BFF.

 Betty Williams

Interesting people were brought as Change Agents, to this year Human Forum: Faces of Courage; Peace Activists, musicians, artists, and philosophers.
Among them: Betty Williams (who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work against violence in her native Northern Ireland in 1976),
 Rigoberta Menchu, ( Who was awarded  the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992.  Her work focuses on the promotion of the defense of human rights, peace and Indigenous Peoples' rights), Deepak Chopra, M.D. (is a founding director of and President of the Alliance for a New Humanity), Lorin Hollander, Fred Johnson, Satish Kumar, Lisa Sokolov, Andrew Harvey and others.

  Rigoberta Menchu

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A group photo with Betty Williams


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