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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Parents Circle Air Hostess

 This time it started in Chicago, with a wonderful meeting with Mark Lyman the creator of SOFA  an extraordinary exhibition of decorative arts. Some 25,000 visitors from all over the world come to this annual event.  November 2007, Sofa will host the Offering Reconciliation Exhibition.  They plan to make it the central feature of the show, and also to create a site on e-bay for the final auction of the bowls.
Next stop Milwaukee for an amazing conference on restorative justice run by Prof.Mark Umbreit and Janine P.Geske , distinguished Professor of Law and ex. Supreme Court Judge.  Other guests were the mother of Amy Biehl who was killed in Soweto South Africa and the man who was responsible for the killing.  Both had been part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.  Ali and I spoke to a crowd of 300 people and once again proved that the message works. 
New York and a welcome from Gon who takes care of us like family.   Next day off to Washington to confirm and close the venue at the "World Bank".  All worked out rather well and we will have the Exhibition there from 30th April.
Many screenings of "Encounter Point" and so many questions and panels, The New School, Quad Cinema , Columbia University ,Yale,just to name a few.  This film like the Exhibition, has opened up a whole new world of contacts and allowed us to bring the message to a much wider audience .  In fact believe it or not people stopped Ali and I in the street in New York.
Boston to meet with the teachers and schools who will participate in the educational activities for the Exhibition.  This wonderful meeting was arranged by Betsy Kaptchuk the head of the American Board and shall we say the oldest and dearest friend of the Parents Circle.  The Exhibition will start off at Brandeis University from the 18th March, 2006 and this event is being sponsored by AIDA another new friend introduced by a certain Angel called Rivka Saker who I think is intent on bringing  peace to the land , no matter how hard she has to work.
Back to New York for a most wonderful fund raiser and introduction to New York, sponsored with such love and care by Rivka Saker, Anne Glauber, and Pippa Cohen.  What a great evening, with wonderful food music, and an auction of the double plates by the Photographers.  This evening was an opportunity to meet new people who can support our work and spread the word.
Next a meeting with the United Nations, to close the date for the Exhibition in New York.  It was decided to have the Exhibition in September, 2007.  This all works out rather well as this is the time when the G.A. takes place and we have asked the Swedish Government who are the sponsors at the U.N. to arrange a small event during this time.  After the U.N. the Exhibition will be at the Pomegranate Gallery before traveling to Chicago.
We are still working on a venue for Los Angeles for April looks good.  You may be thinking and where will it be June August, it will be resting at the Bellevue Art Museum in Seattle.
Palm Beach and a Motel somewhat reminiscent of Psycho.  Never mind just two nights.  Our wonderful hosts for fund raiser, Arlene Kaufman and Sandy Baklor opened their magnificent home to a select group of friends.  We had a wonderful afternoon and sold a few more bowls.
All in all this was an extraordinary  and very successful trip.  I am so grateful that Ali was with me all the way . My feelings for him are quite maternal.  We now know each other so well it is like speaking in one voice.
Thank you to all our special old and new friends in New York and of course to Gon Kafri.


Robi Damelin



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