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The PCFF invited to Barcelona


The Spanish ngo ACPP Assembly Cooperation for Peace is the only Spanish ngo that keeps two offices, one in Ramallah and one in West Jerusalem, the first for the development of activities among the Palestinians, for contacts with the Israelis. It is part of its approach to the conflict. There are two sides that should be taken in account.  It is in this context, that the ACPP launched an initiative to show to the Spanish public opinion, and more precisely, to the Catalan public opinion, that a strong and vibrant peace movement flourishes in Israel and that it must be taken in account when discussing abroad the realities of the Middle East conflict. The initiative which was called "The other voices of Israel" and which will be extended along the next months, begun with a public presentation of more that twenty peace organizations that operate in Israel. Two of the participating organizations were invited to send one delegate each to the opening round table. The two Israelis were Shabati Gold, of Physicians for Human Rights and Aaron Barnea of the PCFF.

Aaron writes us: "This was one of the rare occasions that the PCFF acceded to send one delegate only, in this case an Israeli one. Contrary to the established procedure, our Palestinian management approved the mission of a single representative. I underlined this fact whenever I had to talk to Spanish audiences. Our Spanish friends gave us an excellent opportunity to introduce the PCFF to important Catalan factors, like the ACCD, the Catalan Association for the Cooperation for Development, to relevant factors within the Catalan Generalitat and others. Prospects of concrete cooperation with projects of the PCFF were established. I had a great pleasure too in getting in touch with the young members of the local Reformed Jewish community in Barcelona, NETZER-ATID, who organized a beautiful evening with the community members in which I presented the PCFF and got a wonderful response from the participants. Great ideas emerged and I believe that we have established a ground for future cooperation. Among the people who made the travel possible I would like to mention Eliana Eskenazi, in charge of the ACPP relations with the EU and Enric Miravitlles, who represents the ACPP in Israel."



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