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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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A Palestinian-Israeli demonstration against the new El-Arub by-pass.

 On Saturday the 23 of December Palestinians and Israelis joined together in a demonstration against a new El-Arub by-pass road that is planned to be constructed on Palestinian agricultural lands from Gush-Etzion to Halhul.

The march was organized jointly by the people of Beit-Umar, Halhul, and was attended by representatives of a large range of Palestinian and Israeli parties and organizations. 

The PC/BFF has few members from Beit-Omar. This fact made it even more important for some of the Forum's Israeli members to join their Palestinian friends and speak out together against the robbery of the land and the discrimination.

In the past years the residences of Beit-Omar, Halhul and the area, lost a  considerable part of their agricultural lands for building the separation wall and the security areas around Gush Etzion and the settlements of Karmei-Zur and Bat-Ayin. Now thousands of dunams are being taken for the new settlers, road which Palestinians will not be allowed to use.

Ibrahim Abu Ayash from Beit-Omar, told us that in his family there are nine brothers and three sisters, all of them have their own families and twenty three dunams to cultivate. Now they are being asked to give up eighteen dunams for the construction of the new road.

Our member Rami Elhanan spoke in the assembly and told the participants about the Forum and the Forum's way of reconciliation and our belief that you can't make peace by taking away someone's land and in one-sided activities.


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