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The PCFF against a bill, which prevents amnesty for security prisoners.

On the morning of 12 February 2007, the PCFF sent a letter to Knesset Member, Limor Livnat, in response to the bill she is promoting, to block amnesty for security prisoners as a basis for the release of Israelis being held hostage unless the Knesset itself approves.

The letter as follows:
This morning we heard about the bill you are promoting which intends to prevent amnesty for security prisoners. As Israeli bereaved families who cooperate with Palestinian bereaved families, and as families who have been hurt by this conflict in the most severe way, we see in this bill a significant impingement of the possibility of negotiation with our neighbors and of promoting the reconciliation process in the region.

The security prisoners are a key factor for an agreed solution of the conflict. They are popular in the Palestinian society, and it is in their hands to legitimize and to provide political leadership towards a more moderate position. As an example we would like to remind you of the" prisoners document" of last summer, which is still used as a basis for finding a common denominator between the various segments which will allow a political negotiation with Israel. The long stay in Israeli prisons allowed many of the prisoners to develop effective communication skills with the Israeli public. The importance and the uniqueness of these skills has grown in the last decade as the social and economical contacts between Israelis and Palestinians decreased. It is necessary for the Israeli government and the Knesset to understand that the political prisoners are a means to promote the process. The importance of their involvement in the Palestinian political process and in negotiations with Israel is commonly known..

Releasing prisoners must be an integral part of any future agreement. Israel must be ready for it and prepare the public accordingly.  If having a valid agreement is what Israel has in mind, it must understand that releasing prisoners is an inseparable part of it. Differentiation between prisoners from different political sections or between those who were arrested in different circumstances, sets an insoluble polemic about historic justice in stone and disrupts the potential of reaching an agreement that will mark a new chapter between the nations. The frequent use that Israel makes of the concept; "blood on the prisoners hands" creates a long term cognitional damage and must be stopped.

Prisoners had and have an essential part in conflicts solutions all around the world in the last generation, such as, for example, South Africa and Northern Ireland. The idea of releasing prisoners and negotiating through them and with them should be an example to Israel for the benefit of reaching a resolution and promoting reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

We call you and the rest of the Knesset members to recognize the importance of the security prisoners and to allow them to take part and lead in the reconciliation and negotiation processes between the two nations

The letter was published in the Israeli newspaper "Ma'ariv" on the 13 of February 2007.*



Date:  12/02/2009
Name:  Alaa Balsha
E-mail:  alaa_balsha@yahoo.com

I opened dialogue with Israel an . (1)I think we have to read it right, Israel blockade the Palestinian, Hammas throw some rockets, Israel reply with air crafts, if it''s happened between tow districts in Haifa or Tel Aviv, what they will do? Ask them, use air crafts to bit civilian or make cordon round the place, vacating the civilian, searching for the elements whose doing that by the Special Forces? No one say Israel has not to reply, I remember, President Bush said "I am worried about the civilian", there are Joshes in Israel were crying, All over the world say NO it''s wildness and inhumanity to bit kids in school or red cross, or to let kid sleeping on his breath mother which killed for four days without food, I repeat it again, I didn''t say not reply for rockets , But there is fight rolls, No one say stop fighting with Hammas which is refusing to stop fighting, Ask States, Russian, China, Indian any other where about the fight rolls. There is no excuse for what happened with the civilian. (2)Mr. Yahooed Barak the Minster of Defense reply, "Our forces not Police or Security Guard", But I said" I want to ask him, RANGER flow Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Defense?" Second I want to ask, as the option of majority the most of the American citizen elect the peace, adjusted, cross over the economic crisis, this is the true face for the magnificent American citizen, Financial, Liberty and Adjusted. So Mr. Obama appears the true face of the United Stat of America, what about the situation in Israel, when you will increase fighting it means increase your shares in the election, Do you think Israel will not comply with the roll play which founded in the states, as result of the option of the majority in Israel, or the time not coming to make it?... (3)The hard diction has to get by strong leader so it''ll become Chance to achieve the peace, but if suppose it happened what about the other side or will be peace from one side (4) One Nation Under democracy Replay from Israel. (5) You are right, in the history general low for development and disappearance, where the Pharaoh civilization, where the British imperial, as start as finish, so the Palestinian and Israeli an as start one nation, will end one nation, Israel occupied west bank, Gaza, Golan, Sinai, and draw back from Sinai, Gaza, west bank, they will back as one nation whatsoever you accept or not that the history, as start as finish but as you said one nation under democracy. Maybe united between tow federalism as you say under democracy, but it takes time. (6)The Meld East Research Center in Jerusalem Mr. Elli Afeedar said, whatsoever government from the right or between some of parties, the peace our choice, and we will not forget that Mr. Began achieve the peace in spite of he was from the right, The extreme right will get 18 sets, it''s react for Hammas being, but it''ll not effect because this party is one of government coalition now. I sent to Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton this dialogues and said to them "I touch in darkness, there is hope from all parities like light which is appearing in the dawn, let sun rise, Get your action, you have unique chance to achieve the peace, I believe that the hard action need strong leader, but if suppose it happened what about the other side or will be peace from one side?.. What do you think about what we take about????? I need your reply deep, clear and cutting.

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