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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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Women Gathering 23.3.2007

On Friday the women of the Forum had their fourth meeting.
We alternate the meetings so that if one is held on the Israeli side, the next will be on the Palestinian side, and so on. This time the hostess was Tamara Rabinovich at her home in Jaffa.

We got into small groups and started to cook together. On the menu were: stuffed wine leafs (like they make in Nablus; tiny, thin and delicious), sushi, salads, salted cookies with herbs and the dessert that can bring tears of joy into your eyes; knaffe.

After cooking we all went to Tamara's balcony to eat, and Siham said, while eating Sushi: "what I don't do for peace!"

After finishing the meeting some of us went with our Palestinian friends to the beach, and, in the haziness of the beginning of spring, sat on the rocks and enjoyed the view before returning


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