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"Side by Side"- our second meeting

By Noam Oren. 03/2007

On the weekend of the 16-17.2.2007, gathered all the "Side by Side" Project members. On the Israeli side: Noam O, Noam B, Nitzan, Yonatan, Yahel, Fadi and Eyal and on the Palestinian side: Areej, Hiba K, Hiba A.A., Shadi, Sami, Wahel and Muhammad. The coordinators: Aesha and Limor. The facilitators: Keren and Sami and Anna, "Photo Voice" representative.

The meeting was held at the Neve Shalom Hostel.
The purpose of this meeting was mainly to direct us as to what we should photograph, and to help us see the different possibilities that we have from different perspectives. If in the beginning it was enough to photograph nice scenery, now we have to think about what we are photographing and what does it mean to us.
We got an interesting mission that is aimed at developing our creativity and improvisation abilities as photographers.
Each of the kids said a word associatively, the facilitators collected them into a one list and then we had to express those words, through our photographs (in Israeli-Palestinian couples).

On this page you can see some examples from the work of Noam and Shadi. The word that is behind the top photograph is: Wind.

In conclusion we enjoyed ourselves and can't wait until the next meeting.

Noam Oren
Photography: Noam Oren and Shadi Abu Awaad.

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