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Olive Planting, Peace Building

Following the uprooting of hundreds of olive trees by Israeli settlers in the Palestinian village of Issawiya, Ibrahim Khalil, a member of the Families Forums and a resident of the village, has recruited his Israeli friends in the forum to help his fellow villagers

Upon receiving Ibrahims request in early April 2004 the Families Forum has decided to do whatever they can to help the families of Issawiya to plant hundred of olive trees instead of the ones uprooted by their settler neighbors. To our great joy, many of you who supports the Forums actions have responded to our call to raise the needed funds, allowing us to present the villagers with a present of peace: six hundred olive trees.


Due to the closure our members werent able to play an active role in the planting of the trees. Still Ibrahim delivered the trees we purchased to his village and about forty farmers, whose fields were damaged the most, planted the trees.


During the following week the Families Forum received a warm letter of gratitude from the farmers of Issawiya thanking us for providing them with the trees.


The olive trees provided an opportunity for our Palestinian and Israeli members to work together for reconciliation, allowing many Palestinians whose livelihood was damaged by the conflict to regain their belief in a peaceful future.



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