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Cartooning in Conflict
Chicago Nov. 4-6

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A seminar in communication

On the weekend of the 13-14th  of April 2007, the Forum members who also instruct  at Dialogue Meetings for youth and adults, met for an intensive workshop to improve their techniques and learn from each other's experience.

 On the first day, we learned from Varda Shilo how to stand in front of an audience and, from Sana Hammud and Dudu Gilboa, how to stand in front of a camera. Ali Abu Awaad and Nir Oren, both Forum members, instructed the workshop on the second day. The workshop was about how to deal with and answer difficult questions that come up in lectures. The Seminar ended with a lecture by Naim Areydi who talked about the image of the Palestinians in the eyes of the Israelis and the image of the Israelis in the eyes of the Palestinians.

The Seminar was co-founded by the European Union and the Royal Danish Embassy.




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