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Side by Side

By Shadi Abu Awwad

The third meeting of what is part of the Forum's "Photo Voice" youth project, was held in "Neve Shalom" on the weekend of the 11-12.05.2007. Shadi Abu Awwad, one of the participants, gave us his impressions of the meeting.
During the project, each one of the kids chose a subject to photograph. Shadi chose to take photos of the farmers in his village, Beit-Omar. What follows is Shadi's summary of his weekend and of some of his work.

The activity was fun and I enjoyed it. What I liked the most was meeting my Israeli and Palestinian friends and trying to achieve our common goal together. I also like the fact that now when I photograph I feel that I can achieve a perfect photo. I learned that photography isn't about carrying a camera and pushing a button, its a science one needs to learn and tie in with his or her feelings in order to get the perfect photo. The Side by Side project changed my outlook and understanding of photography.

At the meeting we responded to each other's photo's and heard what people think about ours. On the last day we sat and talked about our stories and why we joined the FFPC and what we feel about certain issues and about each other. In this meeting we had a chance to break some barriers between us. In the end we said goodbye and each one of us returned to his or her home.

Shadi Abu Awwad
May 2007

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